In Transit

Airports are fascinating places to me. The structures themselves are built to function as catalysts of consumerism – the towering glass walls and sleek interiors inject one with a sense of need, of want, of hunger, all of which are validated by the sense of being caught in transition, without a sense of place. Humans have a proclivity for cultivating extraneous sources of security and comfort when their most fundamental attachments to their known, cultivated reality are severed – when they are floating in a foreign place, a foreign history, a foreign memory; when they have somehow lost their language, their kin, their god, their food. Airports feed off these proclivities, magnify them, and use them to justify irrational motivations to consume.  It is displacement on speed, and when you are stuck in these places longer than usual – longer than the time it takes for the catalyst to peak – you become a refugee of modernization.

One response to “In Transit

  1. Lucea – I stumbled upon your blog tonight and enjoyed reading and viewing your pics. By the way, your market shots are priceless! I am a friend of Rev. Charles Nyane from Takoradi/Esiama these past twenty years. I took a group to Ghana and Ivory Coast with Charles in 1998. Charles was here in the States this Summer and I arranged several church meetings for him and he stayed in my home. Following his stay, a few of our 1998 team decided to form a non-profit to help Word Alive and other indigenous ministries like his elsewhere in the world. Zera Missions International was incorporated last month in Delaware and we are processing our 501(c) 3 status. You may view our pre-launch Facebook page at

    Our website, at, is currently a splash page only but we are quickly building the full site with opportunities for folks to donate to the various program areas Word Alive is working in – Healthcare, Orphans, Education, Leadership Training, Church Planting, etc. We anticipate the site being active within the next few weeks. We are in need of some quality photos, recent ones, of the school and orphanage, and anything else from Esiama and the ministry of Word Alive. Could we ask for your permission to use some of your photos from this summer?

    We are planning a trip in April in order to take quality film and still shots, as well as to collect information critical to the sponsorship of the orphans and some of the students. Until then, we are relying on recent visitors such as yourself to help out.

    Please get back with me as soon as you are able. Perhaps we could chat on the phone and discuss this further.

    Thanks in advance! Blessings!


    Lee Thomas Oxford
    Founder and CEO

    Zera Missions International
    PO Box 780
    Milford, DE 19963
    Twitter: @ZeraMissions

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